Are there usenet providers who accept BTC?

Good news for you, there are quite a lot of usenet providers who accept cryptocurrencies. In this article we will also show you the most popular ones.

Usenet Provider who accept BTC

  • NewsDemon
  • UsenetExpress
  • Usenet.Farm
  • XS News
  • XLNed
  • Pure Usenet

Most Popular Usenet Provider


UsenextUseNext is not equal to the term usenet! The oldest and still the best Usenet provider UseNeXT offers 800 terabytes of data. It is almost impossible not to find the right one here. And as with most Usenet providers, UseNeXT takes great care to ensure the anonymity of the user, who is not recorded on the Usenet provider’s client when downloading or archiving, so it is impossible to track who has downloaded what. The server farms are divided between two continents.

If you want to see for yourself whether Usenext is really the right one, you can sign up for a two-week trial. Thereby, one immediately gets the client, which one pulls onto one’s computer and can easily install. After providing the few personal details requested, this is also released and you can access the entire diversity of UseNeXT. In order to get an overview of the enormous database, it is divided into 60,000 newsgroups, which are expanded daily with another 5,000 GB. In the test offer, up to 155 GB can be downloaded or stored in the client’s archive. The files come with a speed of up to 50 Mbit/second, which is an enormous speed. If you are convinced, you can choose between several packages at Usenext, which differ in contract length and data volume per month.

An excellent additional service at UseNeXT is that the files can be rated, making one’s own experience accessible to others. This is particularly interesting for sound and image quality. In addition, the Usenext client is completely free of advertising and for all common operating systems such as Windows, Linux or Mac. If you have questions or do not get along with the software, you have a 24/7 hotline available.


FirstloadAfter UseNeXT, Firstload is the second largest Usenet provider offering high-speed download. Firstload offers access to more than 300 terabytes of data, ranging from erotica to pictures, writing, MP3s, movies and much more. Firstload has several servers spread over several continents and thus has access to the most diverse Usenet databases. This Usenet provider also relies heavily on anonymity, which one has when downloading data.

If you would like to test the enormous range of services for the first time, you can register free of charge for a two-week trial period, during which you will have full access to all the functions of the Usenet software. The software, with which the Usenet provider provides access to the Usenet archive, is provided immediately upon registration and is installed on the computer in just a few seconds. The test volume consists of a whole 3 GB, which can be downloaded during the trial phase or stored in the archive of the Usenet provider’s client Firstload. After that, you can choose between three different packages, ranging from 20, 40 and 80 GB per month, depending on the download volume you want to use. The contract periods are also different, making it quite easy to choose just the right one for you.

The client called Firstload Ikarus is very easy to install and also easy to use. With it, you can directly access the enormous wealth of Usenet. The files are divided into 60,000 newsgroups so that they are easier to find, the software is in German and the data is updated daily and countless more are added. A very good additional tool that is already automatically integrated with Firstload is QuickPar, which repairs damaged files. A preview function also makes it easier for Firstload users to decide whether they want the video or whether it is worth it after all.


GiganewsThe US Usenet news server Giganews has been around for over 10 years. Features of this news server include 350 days retention for bianaries and 2222 days for text files, giving them the longest data retention in the world. Giganews covers at least 99% of all file queries with its 107,000+ newsgroups. Servers are located on three continents in Europe, North America, and Asia. Since Giganews does not offer its own newsreader, there is an In the offer there are two unlimited/flat rate packages that have a completely unlimited data volume. Support is available via email daily and also responds in German. The files can be saved separately and are thus always quickly available. also focuses on speed, which is guaranteed by an extensive system of server connections. In addition, a high level of data protection is guaranteed; personal data is not passed on to third parties. Since there is no separate newseader offered, a video explains how to install Newsbin Pro.

Is UseNeXT legal or illegal?

Because although has been active on the German market since 2005 and is established like no other company in this field, many still think of illegal downloads! But even though many may not believe it, Usenext’s service is 100% legal, which will be discussed further in the course of this post!

The fact is that Usenext has been in court more often in recent years. And has proven itself against companies from the musk industry and also once before the Gema. However, none of these attempts to ban the oldest German Usenet provider were successful. Which is why the service still exists and can therefore be considered legal.
Official statement from the Usenext operator

Why is Usenext legal?

On 15.01.2008, the Düsseldorf Higher Regional Court ruled that Usenext is not responsible for the actions of its users. The explanation to this ruling was:” The operator of a Usenet server is not liable as a co-disturber.”

So Usenext is legal and not illegal!

To explain this ruling, in which Usenext was declared legal, it is best to compare Usenet with the Internet. Because a lot of illegal activities can be carried out on the Internet as well, but nobody would expect the DSL provider to be held responsible for the actions of its customers.

And since Usenext itself does not operate or own any Usenet servers, the service is considered to be a legal provider that only mediates access to the Usenet network. What a user does on the Usenet is the responsibility of the individual user.

Why Usenext had to go to court?

Usenext is known to be a provider of downloads of all kinds, which are available in rough data volumes of over 2,500 terabytes. With such a volume of data, it is obvious that this also includes data that can be considered illegal. Which is also true as soon as such a title is protected by copyright.

Why are Usenext users safe?

From the radio and TV you know the stories about considerable fines, which users of P2P networks like Emule had to pay. This can’t happen to you on Usenet! Because unlike such file sharing networks, with Usenext you don’t download files from other users’ computers. Which is very slow and it can also happen that the download stops at 90% and cannot be continued later.

During a legal Usenet download with Usenext, one is connected exclusively to one or more high-speed download servers located abroad. In addition, this connection is secured with 256-bit SSL encryption, just like online banking. Which ensures the best possible anonymity, as no one can monitor or even prove their download interferes.

Why have other Usenet providers been banned?

In recent years, a number of Usenet providers have been declared illegal by the courts and banned or closed down. This was always due to the fact that these providers, unlike Usenext, advertised that you could download the latest charts from them, for example. Which as far as I know is to be understood as “incitement to commit a crime”! Who would like to test the service of Usenext, can do this now for 30 days. In order to test Usenext really as promised 30 days free of charge, you must click e.g. here since the normal test duration amounts to only 14 days! During the 30 day trial period you can download up to 615 GB for free! also focuses on speed and guarantees it through an extensive system of server connections. In addition, a high level of data protection is guaranteed; personal data is not shared with third parties. Since no own newseader is offered, the installation of Newsbin Pro is explained in a video.

To test the news server you can sign up for a 14 day trial. You can download up to 10 GB for free, but you can’t post anything on Usenet. For a subscription there are 6 different packages available, ranging from 3 GB per month to unlimited volume.

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