robotOnce you have saved a small amount of money, your thoughts inevitably turn to the various investment options. It doesn’t take long until you come across the field of cryptocurrencies. The most exciting is the direct trade with the various cryptocurrencies. This involves actively seeking out the best trades in order to experience an increase in profits here and now.

If you have become a bit familiar with trading, sooner or later you will also encounter the Bitcoin Robots. This automatic trading software is intended to assist traders in everyday trading. Based on algorithms, Bitcoin Robot calculates the most lucrative trades possible.

However, not all Bitcoin robots are the same. There are big differences in quality between the various Bitcoin robots, and not every provider is reputable. Therefore, we have compiled a list of recommended Bitcoin robots to simplify the selection for interested investors.

Bitcoin Robots Tested at a Glance

The advantages of using a trading robot that specializes in cryptocurrencies are obvious:

  • The bot can work day and night and proceeds much more efficiently than us human traders. After all, the crypto robot has no other tasks.
  • With great speed, the automatic trading software calculates the best trading deals.
  • In addition, the bot is not guided by emotions, like some human traders and can thus make completely rational decisions.

Accordingly, the investor only has to take care of setting the software to be as profitable as possible. Of course, the situation is different with providers that do not work seriously. Here, the investors pay in diligently, but the investment does not serve as a trading basis for a Bitcoin robot, but wanders directly into the pockets of the fraudulent providers.

That is why we have picked out five Bitcoin robots at this point, where an experience is worthwhile. However, you should always keep in mind that investing in virtual currencies comes with some risks. After all, the crypto market is not regulated and things can get heated there. There is no guaranteed growth in the value of the coins. But there is an interesting range of profit opportunities.

Nevertheless, one must always keep a watchful eye on the developments in the crypto market to prevent a possible loss of the investment. Which one is the best bitcoin trading bot?

Bitcoin Trader

The Bitcoin Trader is a Bitcoin robot that has been on the market for a few months already. Accordingly, there is already a small fan community here that uses the service of this crypto robot. This means that there are already some positive testimonials here, which testify to the seriousness of the provider.

As with so many other providers in this area, the minimum deposit amount here is 250 euros. So if you want to get into the business, you should have this amount of money ready. However, you should be able to manage without major financial difficulties in case of an emergency, because even Bitcoin Trader can’t make the natural risks go away. What brave investors can expect here are reliable trading results.

Bitcoin Revolution

The Bitcoin Revolution bot also has the combination of reliable trading results and a minimum deposit amount of 250 euros. What is particularly interesting about Bitcoin Revolution is the clearly structured website. This allows even newcomers to find their way around quite quickly and get to the desired point with their investment. And even though trading here is designed to be quite simple, one should not underestimate the personal responsibility for the profitable setting of the automatic trading software.

Bitcoin Profit

The next in the bunch is Bitcoin Profit. This is also about automated trading with the well-known cryptocurrency Bitcoin. Those who can raise the minimum deposit amount of 250 euros can definitely make interesting trading experiences here. Users can enjoy a free demo account here, which can be used to test various strategies first without having to invest real money.

When opening a Bitcoin Profit account, one should not be too distracted by the advertising messages on the website. Although the operators assure the curious visitors that three- to four-digit profits per week are the rule, this advertising promise is not tenable. Accordingly, it is also important to go to work here with a realistic expectation.

The News Spy

The News Spy has also already built up a small customer base. However, if you look at The News Spy reviews and testimonials on the web, you will quickly notice that this Bitcoin Robot is not a solid investment strategy either, but rather an experimental investment. The different options for deposits and withdrawals and the user-friendly platform are convincing. At The News Spy, the minimum deposit amount is again 250 euros, as it is now standard in this segment.

Bitcoin Era

Our last recommendation is the Bitcoin Era crypto robot. Here, too, you are in for 250 euros. Here, too, there is a test mode with which users can first test the platform at their leisure before trading with their own money. As with the other recommendations, it is always important to approach the matter with sufficient risk awareness and basic knowledge about the crypto market and bitcoin.

How a crypto robot works

In order to distinguish reputable offers from fraudulent ones, it is important to know how crypto robots work. Because based on this knowledge, you can quickly see whether a provider delivers what it promises.

Basically, the automatic trading software works in such a way that the crypto robot deals with nothing but the hunt for the best trades every day and around the clock. The whole procedure takes place within a few seconds and includes:

  • the analysis of the market,
  • calculating the probable price development and
  • the purchase or sale of the digital coins.

However, this is also the weak point of the automatic trading software. If the crypto market is really busy and the news is overflowing, the crypto robot may not react adequately. So, even as an investor, you should always make sure that the trading environment is suitable for the use of the automatic trading software.

Tip: Which crypto robot then ultimately suits the investor also depends on what you actually want as an investor. It is therefore important not to blindly follow recommendations, but to take a close look at what you expect from your trading bot and look for this in the digital equivalent.

Bitcoin Robot vs. Trading Robot

Bitcoin Robot vs. Trading RobotFor beginners, it is not easy to keep track of so many new terms, digital assets and financial products. Therefore, we will now briefly clarify the most frequently asked question: What is actually the difference between a Bitcoin Robot and a Trading Robot? Because these two terms are often used synonymously. However, there are some differences between a Bitcoin Robot and a Trading Robot:

Trading Robot

A trading robot refers to the large mass of different automatic trading software, which are active on the crypto market every day. It does not matter which virtual currency, which foreign exchange, which stocks or commodities are actually the focus of the trading robot. So, this is not exclusively about trading the digital currencies.

Bitcoin Robots

Bitcoin Robots, on the other hand, are exclusively about trading the virtual coins. As the name already suggests, the Bitcoin Robots are based on trading with the well-known cryptocurrency and quasi the mother of digital currencies: Bitcoin. Of course, there are also Litecoin robots and similar trading gadgets.

Trading Robot Experience

If you want to gain your own experience with a Bitcoin robot, you should proceed with extreme caution:

  • First of all, you should take a very close look at the website and check whether the provider has a license and is regulated by an official authority. Only then can you assume that the offer is legal and that the customer’s money is safe in case of an emergency.
  • In order to look around a bit on the platform, almost all providers offer a demo account. You should definitely use this to stroll around the platform without any financial risk and to get to know the individual features.
  • And even then you should not necessarily deposit. It could also be interesting to find out what other crypto fans have to say about the provider. So you set out and scour the web for experience reports and reviews. There you can quickly find out if a provider is a scam or fraud.

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