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Frequently asked questions

E-Commerce Automation is at the heart of global business, namely in London. We had wondered for a long time where to locate the company headquarters to be a reliable partner for investors and customers in our online stores network.
E-Commerce Automation is the largest fully automated online sales platform in Full Dropshipping technology with a powerful network of AFFILIATE stores and its own financial infrastructure.
The entire system has been designed for both producers and wholesalers looking for outlets for their products as well as people who searching for an idea for an online business. Thanks to the solution used in e-Commerce Automation, they can start building their online business in a cost-free and fully automated manner. E-Commerce Automation is a perfect solution for everyone who is looking for an income-earning opportunities allowing them to stay at home.
In respect for our partners and investors why we have launched many communication channels. Up-to-date information on the progress of work concerning the entire e-Commerce Automation system is posted regularly.
The technology we have chosen to build the entire e-Commerce system is very expensive. To provide the transparent system of build on blockchain, we need more financial investment. We have been creating our structure and project since 2016 and so far we’ve invested more than 1 million dollars. Aim of our ICO is to introduce the entire e-Commerce Automation system to numerous countries not only in Europe, but all over the world.
It is crucial to choose the right people and companies to build a global enterprise such as e-Commerce Automation. That is why within the last two years of work on the project we have involved several technology companies for cooperation, including SERVAQ Blockchain Technology, Multi Payments System, as well as many well-known people who have achieved considerable success in implementing global projects.
GUAR tokens are an indispensable element which is mediating transactions in the entire e-Commerce Automation system. Each transaction involves the exchange of money to the GUAR to finalize the transaction. On the other hand all margin and affiliation commissions will be paid in Guar. You can choose if you want to accumulate token Guar, change it for a discount, products or exchange it for a currency, cryptocurrency by using Multi Paymants System.
Unfortunately, you will not get such information from us. We do not want to speculate. But when you see the e-Commerce Automation project, you can estimate the increase in the value of the coin once it is introduced into the online sales network and admitted to stock exchange trading.
GuarCoin Tokens can be purchased in 3 easy steps: Go to the GuarCoin purchase page Select the number of coins for purchase by typing it in the blank field or by selecting requested number with the help of a slider. Then fill in the remaining forms. After successful payment, a confirmation of order is e-mailed to you. Then after verifying the confirmation, the coins you purchased are transferred to the address of the ERC20-compliant wallet you provided.
Currently we are in discussion with several important big stock exchanges. We will publish listing dates as soon as we confirm them. For now, we cannot disclose any information until cooperation agreements are concluded. We plan to enter the stock exchange about 3 weeks after the completion of the main ICO phase, after October 15 2018.
Many companies that issue their own coins do not have their own infrastructure, which makes their coin value increase to be purely speculative. From the very beginning GuarCoin will be used as the main means of payment in thousands of online stores around the world. The greater demand for GuarCoin, the more you will earn as an investor according to its value increase.
You will be able to sell coins on most of popular stock exchanges.
As an investor you do not become a company shareholder but you obtain GuarCoins that serve as the main means of payment in the entire e-Commerce Automation network. Thanks to this, you have the value that you can use to buy real products as well as sell at a much better price than you bought in the Pre ICO or ICO phase.
You can view the purchase history of GuarCoins in your virtual office after logging in. You will get access to the office after ordering your GuarCoins in an email.
Yes. GuarCoins are ERC20-compliant and are your property after purchase. When ordering, you’ll see a field in which you enter the address of your Ethereum wallet that supports coins created on its basis. Coins will be sent to your address after verifying the correctness of your order.

Note! For now, we are not on any stock exchange. Please do not send your coins to the stock exchange.

GuarCoin is ERC20-compatible, you can use all Ethereum wallets.
Our department of development and promotion of the e-Commerce platform will acquire further wholesalers, producers, online stores and clients, so it will be a competition for the affiliate program. This solution will ensure continuous development of the platform, number of producers, products, dropshipping stores and customer network.
It is definitely a new emerging market with a lot of uncertainty, but it is also innovative and promising. There are many large projects involving renowned people. We recommend conducting a thorough due diligence analysis on any symbolic crowdsale you are considering. There are many resources available online to assess the potential of various crowdsales.
Unfortunately, citizens of some countries such as the USA, Korea, China and Germany cannot contribute to GuarCoin. Every citizen of these countries is obliged to make decisions on their own and verify the investment possibilities.
Yes. The minimum limit is $ 300,000. This amount will enable us to start and at least complete the first phase of introducing the entire e-Commerce Automation system in the first country. Thanks to this we will connect producers with online store owners and provide a database of over one million products with full logistics and support for the entire system.
You can start investing in GUAR Tokens from $ 1. There is no maximum purchase limit. We prepared special ofert for a clients who want to invest over 10 000 $. For more details, contact on telegram with @Lucas_sztwiorok or to discuss the details.
All information about tokens will be displayed on your news feed in your Virtual Office, which you will get access to after purchasing GuarCoins.
Anyone who wants to invest over 10,000 $ receives additional benefits. We would like you to know that we want to treat our business partners seriously, that’s why we are ready to talk about the possibilities of the project and cooperation. For more informations contact on telegram @Lucas_Sztwiorok or
The first phase of distribution of GuarCoins, Pre ICO coins, is the stage in which we set the price of ICO. This way a huge number of potential investors can purchase GuarCoins at a very attractive price. The goal we want to achieve is creating a huge community centered around GuarCoin. Unfortunately, the amount of GuarCoins in this phase is limited due to a very low price.
We use many accounts. We do not use one account to store all GuarCoins. Our servers are encrypted and protected against hacker attacks and attacks by a powerful IDS (Intrusion Detection System).
No. Our system was built according to the best possible security system against hacking. Funds will be allocated in thousands of wallets. For now, it is the safest and most advanced option in the ICO industry.

In any business project there is some risk associated with its failure. In the case of e-Commerce Automation, you have nothing to fear because we started working on the advanced technology more than 2 years ago, which was long before we decided to launch ICO. So you do not invest in visions and plan only in a ready system in which millions have already been invested, and thanks to ICO we provide a solution that will allow investors enjoy their profits from the huge e-Commerce industry while GuarCoin increases in value.

The greater demand for GuarCoin, the more you will earn as an investor according to its value increase.