New regulations – will BTC casinos now be properly tested?

It took long enough, finally the liberalization comes to German casinos – if everything goes according to plan already in summer 2021! BTC casinos are nothing half and nothing whole and play in their own gray area. In Germany, there are thus strictly speaking only casinos without a license. Now there is to be a new German State Treaty on Gambling. Then Germany would no longer be the only EU country without regulated online gambling.

Legally operating online casinos currently already exist since 15 October 2020, but are not named as such, but call themselves, for example, “virtual arcade”. All other offers are illegal. Overall, however, there are now quite serious changes that are intended not least to protect consumers.

BTC casinos under scrutiny

The success of online casinos can no longer be disputed – the Corona crisis is doing its part to ensure that membership figures on German online casino platforms keep climbing upwards. Boom for gambling on the Internet. However, this could now be put in check.

slotsSince October, the gambling supervisory authorities of the individual federal states have no longer been allowed to take action against providers of illegal casinos in the online sector. Provided that they adhere to certain regulations! After all, the offers of online casinos are nevertheless tolerated. The new State Treaty on Gambling provides the basis for these regulations, which should find its finality as early as summer 2021. But what will happen then?

Online casinos with illegal offers get probation and must prove themselves from now on and adhere to the new rules. Only in this way will the official license for German gambling providers on the net follow. And they have it in themselves!

Here at BBB you can find more information on BTC casinos like cloudbet. Consumers can locate reputable offers there and put certain test criteria for portals like these under the microscope themselves.

To protect players – over 30 new rules

Providers must now adhere to a catalog of new regulations to avoid being penalized after all. Thus, the countries have found around 30 new regulations within the guidelines, which serve to protect the players and users of online casino offers. Exhausting, but sensible!

For example, in the future there should be more transparency for players as to what they have won or lost. Those who are made aware of what they have lost and won in comparison as a player in the last few hours/days will be less likely to fall into the addiction trap. Providers must therefore regularly indicate how much money has been won or lost with immediate effect.

Furthermore, players will have to set a monthly betting limit in the future. This is primarily intended to protect players from becoming financially overburdened or incurring debts in order to continue playing. And it comes still “better”: Starting from December the employment of virtual automat plays, may not be any longer higher than 1 euro.

Players are to be able to operate also besides a virtual panic button during the stay on the side, with which they can lock themselves. This is a form of self-protection that can also be used in the event of a gambling addiction. In terms of advertising, operators of an online casino site must also cut back a bit or sometimes even refrain from doing so altogether. Certain offers, such as blackjack or roulette, may generally no longer be offered.

Test for casino providers

If the new State Treaty on Gaming becomes valid, the current toleration phase will end with immediate effect and the first licenses for such offers will be issued nationwide. For the time being, however, all those who have been able to prove themselves with their offers are to be given preference in the awarding of licenses. Unfortunately, there are still not many of these in Germany, and there are still numerous illegal offers that are loudly advertised. Not to be confused with normal sweepstakes on the net.

Controlling online providers – a problem?

  1. Unfortunately, it is still completely unclear how compliance with the new regulations will take place and to what extent this will be done.
  2. There is also currently no clear agreement between the individual countries, but this still needs to be caught up within the framework of certain bodies.
  3. For example, supervisory authorities could proceed accordingly, or certain test matches are conceivable in order to check offers in a targeted manner.
  4. At present, the federal states are faced with a major task and are not in a position to review the new gaming rules accordingly with sanctions.
  5. The current toleration will therefore also be reviewed by the Advisory Board for Gambling Addiction, which advises the federal states on the topic of gambling.


As always new technologies bring new chances, so will the new regulation and the year 2021. It has been a very tough year for sports betting and online casinos due to Covid 19 as you can also read at yucatan. The development of the new regulations for BTC casinos should be viewed positively for the time being, even if it comes late now. With the help of more than 30 new rules for BTC casino operators, consumers should be less likely to fall into the gambling trap and should be able to further protect themselves while using them. For operators, this now means a lot of work to pass the acquiescence phase and to be able to hold an official license in their hands at the end. However, it is still unclear to what extent compliance will be monitored and what sanctions will be imposed in the event of non-compliance.

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